The OPE Group

has a vision

We have a vision; we see real opportunities for the BioBased economy and believe it will contribute to more sustainable, environmentally friendly and profitable enterprises. We understand the science and help develop technology that is required by organizations to make the transition. We acknowledge the timescale and difficulties associated with change and are committed to our customers and vision in the long run.

and does the following

We help explore BioBased Solutions for organizations that are willing to consider biotechnology as a tool to improve their performance. Our initial contact will result in an overview of the current state of affairs, including documentation of the biotechnological opportunities. Where possible, we will propose opportunities that can be directly applied in the industry, but in many cases this possibility does not exist yet. In these cases we can carry out BioBased Research based on novel research methodologies, which can yield insights in whether there are undiscovered biotechnological opportunities for the specific subject, atv accessories. This research can lead to the development of novel technology, required to perform the research and to implement the emerging solution.

and a little bit more

Our projects have yielded a new biocontroller platform, specifically designed to support our research methodology. We are now in the process of presenting this platform to the research community as an open source alternative to existing biocontroller solutions. For more information see the products page.